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FOV (Freshmen On Varsity​) Apparel is far more than a clothing line. It is an ambitious lifestyle that incorporates our love for sports, art, and music. Being a member of the FOV team is living life with that chip on your shoulder. We  know that we will have to take extra steps to prove doubters wrong by striving for greatness. It's having that confidence, and showing others that you are the best at whatever you set out to do. It's also showing that you can take on any challenge that is thrown at you on a daily basis. The meaning behind the name "Freshmen On Varsity" is from the world of high school sports, where a freshman playing varsity is a such rarity, and seen as an exceptional feat.  We decided to use that term and incorporate it into a lifestyle of fashion and artistic expression. As for our apparel, FOV mixes traditional designs with a variety of unconventional colors and styles. We make apparel for all of the trendsetters out there, that aren't afraid to step out side of the box. Our mission is to showcase our style and artistic creativity through our apparel, and bring you one of the most sought out apparel lines for the near future. We will Continue to live life everyday, as if we are Freshmen On Varsity. Always know your worth and have that ambition. Don't let anything get in the way of destroying the competition. FOVOE.

“We Are In A Class Of Our Own”


Still Undefeated | Still Underrated

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